Do ‘Life Hacks’ for Organisational Culture exist?

“Use a straw to get the stems out of strawberries!” “Store your lunch bagel in a CD spindle!” “Repair scratched wooden furniture using walnuts!”

We are in the midst of a life hack craze. The internet is full of ideas for these tiny changes, often using everyday objects in unexpected or new ways, that will supposedly make your life easier.

But can you apply this principle to life at work? Can tiny changes using structures that already exist create positive change in organisational culture? Gartner certainly seem to think so. They suggest that it is possible to ‘hack culture’, running easy, ‘fun’ hacks (like celebrating a failure once a quarter to drive innovation) that allow you to move towards the culture you want.

This sounds great, but can those small interventions really drive change that is meaningful and sustainable?

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