1:1 executive coaching is for ambitious leaders and managers who want more.

Be it personal or professional change or wanting to step up, coaching provides an effective way for leaders to feel empowered by choice; to tap into their potential and to see new ways of growing into this, and to maximise their leadership footprint and impact. Coaching provides a haven to step back from day-to-day pressures and look at yourself and your leadership impact from a wider perspective. When you prioritise your own development, you inspire a followership to do the same.

In conjunction with group-level work:

While change & development happens at a group level, it is important to recognise the variance in an individual’s response to change and their ability, readiness, and openness to adapt. For this reason, combining team development work with individual 1:1 support ensures that group development is embedded at the personal level and that any personal barriers to change are addressed, worked through, and overcome. This helps to ensure that investments in team development work really stick at the personal level.

What this could look like:

  • 1:1 Exec Coaching Support
  • Intensive Coaching
  • Follow-Up from a 360° Feedback

Pay off:

  • Improved leadership capability
  • Greater confidence, focus, and action towards achieving desired goals
  • Better time management and productivity
  • Tracked progress of development and achievements
  • Higher emotional intelligence to build better quality relationships
  • Greater awareness of possibilities, choices, and opportunities, with the ability to make more conscious choices
  • Greater leadership impact; discover new ways of leading that are more aligned with goals & personal ambition
  • Gain a greater awareness of drivers and key motivators to improve performance