Mental Health 2.0: Positive Disruption for a Great Cause

Self-help group - Nepal (LEADS) BasicNeeds

Q: What happens when you put a seasoned Communications & Marketing Professional into mix at the Front Line of Mental Health provision? A. Innovation and a BIG IMPACT!

Last month, Connectwell’s Tiffany Missiha caught up with Jenny Burns – Chair of Basic Needs, the Mental Health Charity, for an exclusive interview. In a fascinating conversation, they explored the stigma usually associated with mental health, the changing and competitive nature of the charity sector, leadership, assessing organisational performance and how to have an even bigger impact.

It’s not often you get the chance to explore the personal and profound insights from a top Executive. Jenny not only really understands the corporate landscape, her background for over 22 years; she brings a really fresh view on disruptive approaches that transcend the 3rd sector and private sector. She describes the importance of staying connecting and close to the people that really count – customers, employees and the communities that we all affect whether we realise it or not.

To find out more download out the full text below:


“Jenny is a passionate and energetic Brand and Communications expert with more than 20 years experience. She was recently appointed as the Director of Brand and Customer Experience at Just Retirement who over the past 11 years have provided more than 250,000 retirees with better retirements. Before this role, Jenny spent 5 years at RSA Insurance as the Group Communications, Brand and Social Media Director. From her early career at WHSmith, Jenny has held senior leadership and communications positions at Barclays, Centrica British Gas, HBOS and Telefonica O2. Over the years she’s become a positive disrupter; leading the way in making transformational and innovative changes in well established businesses. We had a chance to talk with Jenny about her role as Chair of BasicNeeds, her ambitions for positively disrupting the mental health sector, and her views about leadership more generally…”



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