Building Strength and Clarity into the Backbone of the Operation at Royal Mail Network

Capability Building

The Challenge

Royal Mail Letters had experienced a major restructuring. Network remained the constant while other parts (Processing, Deliveries and Collections) were totally reshaped (less people, more automation). While Network remained the stable partner behind the scenes, it had a disparate portfolio of activity and responsibilities. It also had to provide a consistently high quality national service which was becoming increasingly difficult without a re-think of the overall shape and strategy and a strong and aligned management team.

Our Solution:  Vision & Strategy Alignment

  1. Vision & Strategy Refresh: We designed a series of x4 concentrated days with the entire Management Team to reshape the Vision. This was primed by confidential 1:1 Director interviews & portfolio areas to build a ‘rich picture’ of the current state and a detailed snapshot of relative alignment across the business, risks, gaps and areas for improvement.
  2. Management Team Coaching: As an existing functional team, we provided expert facilitation to support it to the next level of performance. For this senior audience, we interspersed our work with key leadership development content and tools. We supported the integration of new people, allowing the team to become more robust & sustainable long term.
  3. Advice: Three of our main stakeholders where the Director of Network, the HR Director and the Head of Communications. For each we provided ad hoc advisory support as required to work on the implementation of the revised strategy. It worked seamlessly with their existing experts to encourage best practice and even higher standards.

The Results: Impact & Value Add

  • Trust & Information Sharing: The trust and collaboration created meant new information and insights were shared freely to directly contribute towards a stronger strategy and more ambitious targets.
  • Committed & aligned Executive Team: The diagnostic through to the working sessions meant everybody came away with one clear, common view. Commitment to each other meant collaboration & joint problem solving became natural.
  • Stronger Performance and Influence: The performance of the leadership team meant Network was better able to function & partner other key parts of the organisation. Their clarity & focus informed keys decisions across the business.