Missing in Action: How doing can be less than productive

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Having spoken to a host of our clients over the summer I’m noticing a worrying trend – people are seemingly so busy doing that they are missing some really important gaps and opportunities.

We know our fair share of pretty active people; ambitious by nature, pragmatic and experienced, the kind of people you’d want in your camp to make things happen. Most if not all of the organisations they work for, are clearly out of the trough of their business cycle.

There is a seemingly frenetic activity bubble in the air right now. At least 50% are dealing the very real consequences of restructuring or rationalising their workforce. In most cases there are simply fewer managers and change agents to make things happen. While we’ve all had to deal with having less resource than is ideal, we think it is also a symptom of something less productive – a lack of prioritisation.

An article by Steve Bernard


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