Space: How the Work Environment Matters

google office

Have you ever watched a film or seen pictures in a magazine of all these modern, multi-million pound offices for super-creative agencies, where employees seem relaxed, stress (and possibly work-) free as they shun all stereotypical office attire, and then returned to your own workplace and thought, yeah that’d be nice but how much are they actually getting done? How seriously is everyone taking their job? How committed are they? Nice for those who can afford it…

But realistically, why shouldn’t a workplace be a fun environment? Why stick to the expected and traditional design for a space; surely conforming to type will always see the same results. As Einstein said, “the definition of insanity is to carry on doing the same thing and expect a different result”. If survival of the fittest and evolution is happening with people, why shouldn’t the same principles of development and change be applied to the environments in which we work?

An article by Rebecca Thair


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