2014 – The Connectwell Manifesto

15 Months ago I went on record and shared my definition of Leadership as I addressed a room full of IT Directors from the charitable sector. In the keynote I said it was about relationships, results, followership, and the creation of meaning and purpose.

With the benefit of reflecting on our work in 2013, and the privilege of talking to our clients and professionals about their challenges and aspirations, I see no reason to revise my definition.

Instead I offer 5 themes as part of our manifesto for leadership & sustainable development. Consider these as you embark on a new year in 2014. They are born directly out of our consulting practice and work over the last 15 months. We have also gone a bit deeper as a footnote and included key insights (problem statements) we have seen repeatedly in our work.

Connectwell Manifesto photo tree rootsdownload-pdf-btn

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