Introducing Potential²

Unlocking a child’s potential while unlocking your own Potential² is a unique proposition from Connectwell. We are thrilled to work with our award-winning friends at Childreach International to bring Potential² to life.

Potential² is an overseas community development opportunity having a real positive impact on kids lives combined with world class leadership development.

At its heart, Potential² is about unlocking a child?s potential, and unlocking your own. Corporate volunteers contribute real elbow grease by building facilities that increase children?s access to education and better health. Connectwell integrates learning and development within the experience so volunteers also build understanding about how they lead, communicate, work in a team as well as their own values, attitudes and motivations. Generosity transforms the lives of children in Nepal, India and Tanzania and volunteers are transformed by powerful insights that can be applied back at the office, and in life.

Potential² is striking a chord, and for good reason. Want to know more about how it can apply to your organisation? Contact Emily Harding for more…

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