Vision and Strategy Refresh


Professional and team effectiveness is maximised when you start with the end in mind. Connectwell supports you in maintaining your vision and purpose as the central focus of your work. We will help your team better engage with the overall vision of the business, and move beyond that to help the wider audience and workforce engage with it as well. We use this as a pivotal focus to ensure strategy aligns with where you want to go, and that you have the right cornerstones in place to help you get there. We work objectively, ask the right questions, and challenge in the right way to help you achieve this.

What this could look like:

  • Vision Creation or Refresh
  • Strategy Creation or Refresh
  • Engaging around Vision
  • Strategy Alignment


Pay Off:

  • Higher motivation due to feeling connected to a larger vision
  • Higher engagement and quality of work – working with a purpose
  • Greater alignment of different objectives to the central purpose
  • Better ability to generate aligned solutions
  • Clearer way of executing a strategy