Company gatherings of all sizes are a significant undertaking and represent one of the biggest opportunities in a business year calendar. Recharge is a service that helps you first understand the ‘why’ of your activity, by gently challenging your assumptions and building in rigour and purpose to your plans.

How it works:

Starting with the ‘why’, we work directly with sponsors and other leaders to create alignment in the thinking and the rationale behind your conference, meeting, or event. Depending on your needs and skill we take you through the whole journey from design & content through to engagement impact and follow up activity. We help you consider all aspects of the event to ensure you get the best return on investment and that the impact is evident beyond the day.


  • A strong foundation and rationale to build great design options & content
  • A helping hand or advice on how to make logistics work smoothly
  • Guidance on how to present & hold the room to create the atmosphere you want
  • Advice and support on how to maximise the engagement and output beyond the event
  • Additional advice on what to do about what you learn and subsequent change activity


Pay Off:

  • Greater awareness-building of ambitions, priorities, and conference topics beyond the event
  • Highly engaged and energised workforce, ready and willing to engage in positive change
  • A strong dialogue with your people that can be built upon over time, delivering great insights & fresh thinking
  • Greater confidence as a management team in your own skills and abilities to engage your people
  • A more strategic way to spend your time and energy, with less wasted on ineffective planning and delivery practices and greater focus on the real purpose and content of the event