Gone are the days where it’s everybody’s experience that they stay with just one employer through their entire career. Today we are on average destined for at least x10 different jobs or organisations in our career. Whether its planned or comes out of the blue, changing jobs including periods of unemployment can be both challenging and stressful.

At Connectwell we have been dedicated to people and organisational development success for over 14 years. Our experienced coaches and learning & development professionals have a wealth of experience in helping individuals reach their career potential. Additionally, our consultancy practice allows us access to live intelligence and insights right across the employment landscape in a variety of industries and settings. We understand the needs and mindset of employers, recruiters, and other key audiences so you can be sure our advice and guidance are based on a robust foundation, knowledge and research.

Whether it is looking at:

  • Understanding your career story so far
  • Appreciating your personal brand
  • Help in crafting a powerful CV
  • Promoting yourself effectively
  • Researching the market
  • Making your approach
  • Dealing with change
  • Using your network

… we have a host of tools and resources to support and guide you. Our toolkit is based on our own experiences and working with 100s of individuals and organisations over time.

But what really sets us apart is our approach. We are great believers in understanding and championing our Individual Difference. Each and everyone of us brings a unique blend and formula for success into the world of work. We take the time to listen and understand you properly and only then will we tailor our approach and recommendations with you.

It’s by meeting individual candidates where they truly are at in any given time, that we can build a strong working relationship and quickly get to the heart of what’s going on and how to increase the likelihood of success in job hunting and career management.

If you are a busy HR or Legal Team looking for an outplacement partner, you will already know that how you treat people on exit has a real impact on your brand and reputation. If you are part of the Recruitment Team, thinking about your talent acquisition and retention strategy requires several key principles to be working effectively. If you are an individual job seeker or candidate, you know how personal this journey is and what it really means to you and your life.

For a professional and powerful partner on your side, get in touch with Connectwell today.