High Performing Teams


Team performance remains one of the most significant, yet untapped, opportunities for gaining competitive advantage.  Connectwell’s High Performing Teams (HPT) model, survey, and service is based on research and several years of combined experience working with both high and underperforming teams. Teams are organic, living entities – they are affected by members joining and leaving, leadership style, and business environment and context. The HPT model represents a comprehensive framework that breaks down the 9 components of HPTs into bite-sized, tangible elements that can be developed to enhance team performance. The three domains of HPT target the structure of a team, its behavioural dynamics,and its outcomes. The service assesses the characteristics of your team in relation to its functioning and dynamic.

Connectwell’s HPT Survey is designed as a baseline measurement tool to measure team performance before and after development work. We analyse your results and create a clear report for you that outlines your team’s current strengths and which areas could benefit topping up. No two teams are the same and we use the output to create a tailored piece of follow-up development work to target your team’s specific needs.

The Survey:

  • Quick and easy to administer and takes less than 15 minutes to complete
  • Quick turnaround for report & write up from Connectwell (3 working days)
  • Clear indication of how your team is currently performing and which of the 9 key characteristics need topping up
  • Report includes recommended solutions for improvements


Pay off: 

  • Stronger sense of trust – the core of the most high performing teams
  • Creative collaboration and greater ability to deal with conflict
  • Higher accountability
  • Effective communication and decision-making
  • More clarity of purpose, individuals roles, and contributions
  • Greater focus on results when teams’ structural and behavioural needs are met