Our Approach

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Our particular focus area is ‘Relationships That Work’. This translates into familiar areas such as engagement, leadership development, creating High Performing Teams, Vision & Strategy buy in. There are two things you should know about us:

Real World Practitioners: Each of us have top drawer credentials in the real world, leading and managing change and development in industry and wider society as well as teaching and coaching other managers and leaders. We are also advocates of our own personal change and taking care of ourselves is an important pillar for us as professionals

Open Source: We don’t waste time in debates on which model / method is the best or over invest in one way of doing things. Instead we continually learn and customise to fit the brief.

Some of our influences include: Organisational Development theory of Schein, Beckhard and Burke; Lencioni / Table Group view of overcoming team dysfunction; Jung / Myers Briggs principles around preferences and individual difference; Elizabeth Kubler Ross on the Change Process; Goffee & Jones at the London Business School on Authentic Leadership; the ORSC methodology from the Centre for Right Relationships on systems coaching; Jim Collins research and thinking on Highly Successful organisations (Vision & Strategy). We also have our own proprietary tools and methodologies such as the ‘High Performing Teams’ Model. This flexibility allows us to work successfully with our clients’ preferred frameworks too.

We have real world experience that we bring to bear in our approach. Experience of bringing out people’s visions & dreams, experience of seeing people’s potential, experience of nurturing effective relationships.

Our values & purpose dictate that we have genuine good intentions. We are not there to ‘judge’. Our role is to hold a space open for learning, growth and to foster the right relationships.

As professionals we support clients who want to take a step forward. Sometimes this requires a healthy challenge from us to hold the client accountable to committing to the changes that are required.

Having strong foundations is vital. We work from and build on strong relationships both within Connectwell and with our clients. This has a dramatic effect on the impact we are able to create.

Our starting point is the belief in the individual and the relationship. We advocate unconditional positive regard and the belief that everyone can change to move beyond their potential.