Unlock Team Potential


Unlocking team potential is one of our most unique service areas underpinned by the principle that the sum is greater than each of its parts, with one exception: only if the parts work in an orchestra. The relationships that exist between each two team members is unique and full of potential. Connectwell help team members realise this potential and develop ways of working together that turn team goals and dreams into reality. We help your team achieve desired results by tapping into 9 key components of high performing teams. These are separated into 3 main areas: nourishing the team to create the right dynamic, building strong roots, and facilitating results and growth.


At Connectwell we believe that Trust is the fundamental characteristic that underpins optimal team performance. Without trust, the ability to have healthy conflict and dialogue, buy-in & commitment, to be accountable, and to focus on results, is greatly diminished. Trust amongst the team enables open dialogue that gives everyone a voice without fear of judgment, giving people an opportunity to engage in a manner that is inherently motivating to them as people and that moves in the direction of team goals and business ambition.

While teams are never fixed and always changing, the fundamentals of team performance remain the same and are dependent on nine important factors. While they vary, shift, and change, these are arguable fixed in any given team and are often in need of ‘topping up’. Connectwell’s High Performing Team work is aimed at supporting you as you re-fuel with the right substance to work at full capacity, with confidence and motivation.

Unlocking Team Potential is for you if:

  • You are an ambitious team leader who knows your team is capable of more
  • You are a team member who recognises the gaps within team performance and are willing to take a stand for more
  • You are part of a team where dysfunction of some sort is present
  • Your team is performing well but you know there is room for growth
  • You want to restore team moral and equilibrium after a challenging time within the organisation

See our High Performing Teams service to understand more about this type of support.