Understand Your Organisation Inside-Out


Realities are based on an accumulation of varied perceptions and experiences. These are essentially what make up your company culture and what drives your current employee and leadership behaviours. Before doing any sort of change work, it’s imperative to ensure that the lens in which we view your organisation is pure, free of judgment or assumption, and accurate. By understanding your organisation inside out, we use diagnostic work to gain objectivity and to bring forward the core issues at hand and minimise avoidable mistakes, second guessing, and time wasted on unintentionally going down the wrong path.


Diagnostics work is designed to hear out and see different perspectives, and to take a comprehensive and holistic view of your team or organisation to create a picture that is as close to the truth as possible.

Our diagnostics work relies heavily on qualitative research methods and can be tailored depending on scope of project and investment. An example of what this could look like involves conducting 1:1 discussions or focus groups with the right population predetermined based on agreed objectives and ambitions, collating data offline, analysing key emerging themes and using outputs as either a one-off snapshot of your team or organisation, or as a predecessor to follow up development work.

Understanding Your Organisation Inside Out is for you if:

  • Your team keeps making the same mistakes and progress is stunted
  • You want to review a current or previous project to draw out key insights and learning
  • You are an ambitious leader who is keen on addressing current issues within organizational culture
  • You want to engage the workforce by giving them a louder voice and understanding true drivers and motivators of performance
  • You want to get to the heart of the matter on the real issues that are at the core of your team or organisation