Recapture a Positive Environment


The most successful organisations are those who value failures just as much as successes. The most successful teams are those who learn from failures and integrate the learning into their continued development and growth.


Recapturing a positive environment often takes the form of mediation work, either between two people or a small group. While the nature of this service varies depending on the challenge presented, typically we take a sensitive and conscientious approach to take a close look at what’s really going on in a situation. The most effective relationships and teams are those that are able to balance genuine support with healthy challenge and conflict. Conflict can be a profound source of creativity, progress, and innovation so long as it is managed well and often with the right support.

We create safety, help to nurture more trust, and help to shift mindsets away from problems and fixed states to uncover possibilities and solutions. We rely heavily on perspective-taking, impartiality, deep listening, and empathy to break down walls and cultivate openness and space for more productive conversations and for a shift to occur in the right direction.

Recapturing a positive environment is for you if:

  • There is tension amongst you, colleagues, or your team that is negatively impacting team performance
  • You are stuck in a rut with a colleague
  • Toxic workplace relationships are damaging your potential to achieve desired results
  • Your organisation has been through a tough low and need help to lift company morale
  • The organisational climate or team atmosphere is heavily characterized by negativity and friction