Connect to the Purpose


Experiences tells us that when people, teams, and groups of workers have a strong reason for being and doing, the outputs are always of higher value, more impactful. Employees who are intrinsically motivated deliver more for less because it inherently feels good. They are driven by something bigger outside of themselves and feel a connection to their workplace and larger company vision.


Connectwell supports leaders and teams to ensure that their vision is crystal clear. Indeed relationships exist between a person and a vision; when engagement is strong then the vision is more prevalent. We ask you challenging questions to bring to light exactly what it is you stand for and why. Beyond that, we work with you to take a good look at your strategy to see if and how it lines up to your overall vision and your desired direction of travel.

Connecting to the Purpose is for you if:

  • Your team or company vision has lost clarity and shine
  • You recognise a gap between vision and engagement amongst the workforce, stakeholders, and external customers
  • You want to bring forward a common purpose within your team to maximise collaboration
  • You want to seek alignment on important business decisions that entail conflicting agendas
  • You need clarity on the best steps your leadership team need to take to achieve the vision